Well, it didn't take a genius to figure this one out, but as 'How I Met Your Mother' shores up plans for its ninth and final season, the cast of series regulars has officially expanded to six. Following her brief introduction in season 8 finale "Something New," Cristin Milioti will officially join the cast of 'How I Met Your Mother' as a series regular in season 9, but do we know any more about her? Get the latest on 'How I Met Your Mother' season 9 inside!

We may have technically met the titular character of CBS 'How I Met Your Mother,' but we still barely know the woman as brought to life by Cristin Milioti. Thankfully, TVLine has revealed that the Broadway starlet, introduced as the oft-mentioned character in 'How I Met Your Mother's' eighth season finale "Something New," will officially join the cast as a series regular in the ninth and final year.

So far CBS and executive producers Carter Bays and Craig Thomas have played 'HIMYM's' final year close to the chest, though we know that season 9 will take place largely across the 56-hour period leading up to Barney and Robin's wedding, at which Ted finally meets his bride-to-be. The network also revealed that all four regulars would meet the mother prior to Ted, while individual episodes may cut back and forth through time as necessary to tell the complete story.

Well, what say you? Are you excited to have the mother play an integral role in 'How I Met Your Mother's' ninth and final season? Tell us how you want Ted's story to end in the comments!

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