Even after a ninth season renewal, last week's 'How I Met Your Mother' episode "P.S. I Love You" made the bold claim of defining Ted's new girlfriend Jeanette ('SNL's Abby Elliot) as Ted's final big mistake prior to meeting the mother, but just how big of a mistake is she? Stalking Ted for a year and a half before finally meeting him isn't enough to deter the lovelorn leading man, but will Jeanette prove "Bad Crazy" in tonight's all-new episode? Check out the latest clip before tonight's 'How I Met Your Mother!'

Barney Stinson's "Hot/Crazy" scale has served us all well for years, but has Ted Mosby every truly dated someone "Bad Crazy?" That's the question we hope answered by tonight's all-new 'How I Met Your Mother' episode, which continues Ted's "final relationship mistake" with stalker-turned-girlfriend Jeanette, who displays more than a few troublesome signs as Ted settles into a normal relationship with her.

CBS has released a new clip from the episode, which unsurprisingly sees Barney providing little voice of reason to Ted regarding the girl's imminent danger. Will Ted's latest lady love have a memorable exit, or fall into the chasm of of Ted's least interesting relationships? Check out an all-new clips from tonight's episode below, and give us your 'How I Met Your Mother' predictions in the comments!