'How I Met Your Mother' season 7 lovingly recounts the tale of its eighteenth episode of the season, as Ted struggles with what to do over Robin’s now-vacant room, while Robin learns about life in the suburbs from Marshall and Lily, and Barney pursues Quinn (Becki Newton) in spite of her profession as a stripper.

Last week’s 'How I Met Your Mother' “No Pressure” saw Ted and Robin finally putting to rest any ideas of them getting back together, while Marshall and Lily had fun making bets and Barney wrestled with whether or not to watch their sex tape, so what will the latest episode bring?

Read on for your in-depth recap of everything you need to know about ‘How I Met Your Mother’ “Karma!”

Future Ted, casually as ever recaps the story to his future children of how Robin moved out in the wake of “No Pressure,” while the present Ted consoles Barney at strip club The Lusty Leopard for his infatuation with Quinn (Becki Newton.)  Ted insists that Barney must like her, seeing her face everywhere, until the real Quinn is introduced on stage as stripper “Karma!”

Meanwhile in Long Island, Marshall and Lily have taken in Robin until she can find a new home, obsessively attempting to sell the entertainment Long Island has to offer, from bowling teams to a museum of miniatures!  Robin quickly takes to Lily’s idea of a journal to navigate this difficult period, commenting on the behavior of Long Islanders in the manner of a nature documentary, from restaurant customs to Marshall and Lily’s pre-early-bedtime use of the “Snugget.”  Robin offers to leave and stop burdening the couple, but they suspiciously attempt to keep her, to the point of throwing ice cream in her luggage with the vague promise of returning it later cleaned, even locking her in her room!

Back in the city, Ted struggles with how to make use of Robin’s old room and the ghost of her memory, alternating between meat-smoking and wood-shopping.  Seemingly every time, Barney interrupts by arriving at the apartment to unleash his woes over Quinn, eventually arriving at the conclusion that their meeting must be destiny.  He rushes back to the Lusty Leopard, but every time he gets close to getting a straight answer out of Quinn, she insists he pay for another lap-dance lest her manager give her the stink-eye!  Even though Ted (rightfully) insists that Quinn is playing Barney for his money, the Barnacle continues plunking down cash and even his watch for news of a date, when she finally agrees!  To a date AT the strip club.

While Robin fears her time in “captivity” has her enjoying the Long Island lifestyle, Ted and Barney arrive at the strip club for Barney’s date, and when Ted presses him to get her to agree to a new location, they move…to the champagne room!  Back in Long Island Robin attempts to make her escape while Marshall and Lily attend bingo, but they catch her in the act of leaving, and reveal that they in fact hate living in Long Island.  Robin insists they can move back to the city, but they remain steadfast that Long Island is best for the baby, and might be made more bearable if some of their friends moved out there, hint hint!

Back at the strip club, Barney sees Quinn performing the same hustle on other patrons, and though she denies it Barney sees through the ruse and muses that this must be karma’s way of getting back at him for all the lies he’s told women over the years.  He leaves in a huff, but literal karma gets back at him the next day when he finds himself behind Quinn in the coffee line!  They argue that he didn’t recognize her after all that time in the club, and she doesn’t believe his stories, but he assures her to be the first women who’s actually wrong not to trust him.  She covers his coffee, and agrees to sit with him while they drink it.  Score one for the Barn door!

Ted finally gives up on his idea of filling Robin’s old room with activities, when the real Robin shows up and relays Marshall and Lily’s unhappiness in Long Island.  An idea hits him, and he invites Marshall and Lily into the city, where they find Ted’s apartment completely bare.  He’s left a note detailing that the apartment is now theirs, and Robin’s unused room has been re-decorated as a nursery, while Ted himself will no longer haunt the property and find a change of his own.  Then, Ted’s shoddy craftsmanship gets the better of the crib.

That’s all very well and good, but what does any of this have to do with the titular mother?  Might Ted’s change put him a few steps closer to the woman of his dreams?  And is Quinn the woman Barney Stinson is destined to marry, or has it really been Robin all along?  Isn’t this tireless suspense just murdering your face off?!

Did you get your fill of sentimental laughs?  What did you think about the episode? Join us on March 19 for an all-new episode recap of ‘How I Met Your Mother’ “The Broath” on CBS!