How I Met Your Mother’ Season 8 does a split in its sixth episode of the (potentially) final season “Splitsville,” as Robin finds herself having difficulty breaking up with Nick, while Ted and Marshall obsess over their after-work basketball teams and Lily grows increasingly horny

Last week’s ‘How I Met Your Mother’ episode “The Autumn of Break-Ups” saw Ted and Victoria trying to work through an impasse in their relationship, while Robin found herself troubled that Barney had retreated into his new canine wing-man, “Brover," so what did tonight’s episode bring?  Are we any closer to learning how the last year for Ted, Robin, Barney, Marshall and Lily plays out?

Read on for your in-depth recap of everything you need to know about ‘How I Met Your Mother’ season 8 episode 6, “Splitsville!”

In the Fall of 2012, Future Ted notes that Robin and Nick’s happy relationship quickly soured after a groin injury prevented him from having sex.  The more time spent without intimacy, the more Robin noticed her beau’s lack of intelligence, something the group had already seen on multiple occasions.  As she speaks however, Marshall obsessively works out for his after-work basketball team (from which Nick pulled the groin), Lily fantasizes about sex, and Ted touts the superiority of his own  basketball team of architects.

The next day at MacLaren’s, Robin reveals that her attempt to break up with Nick was delayed by her attraction to him, to which Barney counters that should she fail again, he’ll mail an invitation to a “BFF Day” with her most hated co-worker Patrice.  The gang proposes that she execute the breakup in a desert place, the aptly-named “Splitsville.”

The next night, Robin begins her breakup speech to Nick at Splitsville, but an interrupting phone call of apparently horrible news for Nick prevents her from going through with it.  Back at the apartment, Ted relays how his architecture training allowed him to make a perfect shot in an otherwise losing basketball game, though Lily again only wants to focus on sex.

Robin calls looking for advice, but Barney insists she go through with the breakup, lest he send out the invite to Patrice.  With the gang on speakerphone, Robin listens as Nick explains that his bad news was actually the severity of his groin injury preventing him from playing on Marshall’s team, but not from having sex.  Robin nearly falls prey to the idea before Barney rushes into Splitsville and proclaims he and Robin to be in love!

Both Robin and Nick remain shocked, as Barney explains that Robin had been trying to break up with Nick, while he himself remains hopelessly in love with her despite monogamous love being contrary to his nature.  The gang (over speaker) seem convinced by the proclamation, as Nick breaks down in tears.  However, two fellow dumpees rush to comfort him, and the three leave for a tearful orgy in his apartment.  Because that happens, sometimes.

With Lily again focusing only on the sex, Ted demands to know why she and Marshall aren’t sleeping together, as they explain that Marvin’s presence makes it difficult and time-consuming.  Ted volunteers to take young Marvin out for a few hours, and only leaves the apartment for a moment before reentering to find Marshall and Lily already going at it.  Meanwhile on their walk home, Barney insists to Robin that his confession was fake and solely to aid her breakup, though she seems enamored of his passion.  The two nearly share a kiss before Patrice calls excited about the BFF day, Barney realizing he forgot to stop the invite.

Over the credits, Robin and Patrice share their groan-worthy BFF day, while Ted’s basketball team take him to Splitsville to end his run as their coach.

So, it's finally over, right?  All the extraneous relationships have been eliminated, freeing Barney and Robin to get back on track toward a sense of momentum for the (still) potentially final season of 'How I Met Your Mother?'  It's not that we haven't enjoyed the ride, with a few laughs along the way, but the events of "Splitsville" feel long overdue and hopefully lay a path toward a much more memorable run of episodes.

Did you get your ‘How I Met Your Mother’ fix from “Splitsville?”  Do you think it made for a solid entry into the (potentially) final season? Join us next week for an all-new episode recap of ‘How I Met Your Mother’ “The Stamp Tramp” on CBS!