At long last, 'How I Met Your Mother' will return this Monday with the first of four all-new episodes to take us through the end of the penultimate season, as "Romeward Bound" poses an important question for Marshall and Lily's future. The prospect of a life abroad after a job offer from The Captain ('Twin Peaks' Kyle MacLachlan) intrigues Lily, but may end up causing a major rift between her and Marshall. Get a sneak peek of 'How I Met Your Mother's Italian future inside!

'How I Met Your Mother' has always shown us that Marshall (Jason Segel) and Lily (Alyson Hannigan) have a happy future down the line, but will Monday's "Romeward Bound" drive a major wedge between the pair? The latest look from CBS at Monday's all-new episodes sees Lily mulling over a new job offer from The Captain, but one that could potentially ruin her career, and drive Marshall into the arms of another woman if she isn't careful.

Meanwhile, Barney becomes obsessed with uncovering the mystery of a MacLaren's girl wearing an over-sized coat, but Robin won't be too happy of her fiancee spending so much time fixating on another woman. Judging from experience, Ted probably does something as well.

Check out a sneak peek of 'How I Met Your Mother's Monday episode "Romeward Bound," below, and give us your predictions for the final four episodes in the comments!