Even though the current run of 'How I Met Your Mother' was recently confirmed to spill out into a ninth, and final season, plenty of plans for the remainder of the year are still in place. Case in point, as with what will (likely) no longer be the final appearance of Robin Sparkles in upcoming episode "P.S. I Love You," season 6 guest star Kyle MacLachlan will soon make his glorious return as well! Find out what brings "The Captain" back to 'How I Met Your Mother' inside!

Jennifer Morrison's Zoey isn't returning to shipwreck Ted Mosby's 'How I Met Your Mother' love-life so far as we know, but her impact will certainly be felt in an upcoming season 8 episode. Vulture has learned that season 6 guest star Kyle MacLachlan ('Twin Peaks,' 'Portandia') will reprise his role as Zoey's ex-husband "The Captain" (George Van Smoot) in an episode airing February 18.

It isn't clear what exactly would bring The Captain back into the gang's dealings, but the episode will purportedly see the eccentric boating enthusiast reaching out to Ted for unknown reasons, unnerving our titular protagonist. As previously mentioned, MacLachlan joins a long list of returning guest stars to what was originally 'How I Met Your Mother's' final season, many of which will appear this Monday in a cavalcade of Canadian callbacks to Robin Sparkles.

Well, what say you? Are you glad to see another familiar face joining 'How I Met Your Mother' season 8? What do you think would bring Kyle MacLachlan's "The Captain" back?