The cast of 'How I Met Your Mother' weren't quite the household names they are today by the beginning of the series, but forthcoming "kindred spirit" spinoff 'How I Met Your Dad' is certainly no slouch for star power. 'Workaholics' star Anders Holm is the latest recognizable name attached to the 'HIMYM' offshoot, but what does it mean for the Comedy Central series?

Fear not, 'Workaholics' fans, as Holm's role would only prove recurring, according to TVLine. The prolific comedian and former 'Mindy Project' guest star has joined 'How I Met Your Dad' in the important role of Gavin, the husband of Greta Gerwig’s leading character Sally, though Sally begins the series with a mind to divorce Gavin after a year of marriage.

Apart from Gerwig, Drew Tarver's Todd and 'Smash' star Krysta Rodriguez as Sally's BFF Juliet, the still uncast roles of the spinoff include the narrating future Sally, Sally’s older gay brother Danny, and Juliet’s coworker Frank, who harbors a one-sided crush on Sally. Also worth noting is that where first it was thought that we’d meet at least some of the new cast in the final episodes of ‘How I Met Your Mother,’ ‘How I Met Your Dad’ will in fact film its own pilot independent of any of the established characters. ‘Up All Night’ creator Emily Spivey will head up the show creatively with ‘HIMYM’ producers Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, with Gerwig likely taking on writing duties, as well.

Whatever reservations we have toward a 'How I Met Your Mother' spinoff, its cast is at least shaping up nicely, so what say you? Will Anders Holm prove and important part of 'How I Met Your Dad,' or just a footnote?

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