'How I Met Your Mother' fans were sure in for a treat this past December, given the heart-warming mid-season finale revelations of 'The Final Page,' as well as the unofficial confirmation that Ted's search for the titular mother would extend into a ninth, and undoubtedly final season next year. But given the recent engagement that capped off the last episode, will Ted be able to cope? Who might the search for the mother drive him toward next?

Theodore Evelyn Mosby may have given Robin and Barney his blessing during the events of 'How I Met Your Mother's winter finale 'The Final Page, Part 2,' but that doesn't mean their engagement will be an easy pill to swallow. Surely Robin and Barney have plenty of challenges of their own ahead, but how will Ted cope with being the only single member of the group?

Speaking to TVLine, series co-creator Carter Bays previewed a "potentially devastating" revelation for Ted, who hadn't known he was sending Robin up to the WNN roof for hers and Barney's engagement. Cursed with a fickle heart, the titular mother-lover will soon find himself in “a situation where maybe he was a little too generous and maybe he regrets his generosity a little bit in encouraging Robin to follow her heart.”

Of course, Ted might find some comfort in the return of season 5 guest star Rachel Bilson as Cindy, one-time roommate to the mother, but expect Cindy's and Ted's relationship to stay platonic given their last encounter. With an additional season granted to the show, could Ted's fateful meeting with the mother of his children be delayed even longer?

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