Beyond their acting abilities, the cast of 'How I Met Your Mother' have many outside talents that don't often get the chance to be featured on the acclaimed CBS series, talents we're all-too-happy to spotlight. Plenty of buzz surrounds 2012's final 'How I Met Your Mother' episodes "The Final Page, Part 1" and "The Final Page, Part 2" not only for 'Buffy' alum Seth Green's appearance, but also for a surprise proposal, so what can we learn from the latest clip?

He might not be in front of a piano, and nobody appears to be getting slapped, but we're always for a 'How I Met Your Mother' episode that puts Jason Segel's musical talents to work. The latest clip from Monday's all-new episode 'The Final Page," sees Segel on the guitar as Marshall, providing a lullaby to young Marvin, while Lily chimes in with a number of instruments.

All in all, it's a rather sweet moment for an otherwise buzz-worthy episode, one which may finally answer the question of whether or not Barney and Robin will find their way back to one another.  In addition to the aforementioned Seth Green appearance, "The Final Page" also boasts 'The O.C.' star Peter Gallagher as Ted's former architecture professor, whom the young Mosby has always failed to impress.

Check out the latest clip from 'How I Met Your Mother's 2012 finale "The Final Page" below, and give us your predictions in the comments!