Last night's all-new 'How I Met Your Mother' return episode "The Fortress" seems to have been given mixed acclaim across the board, but next week's trippy "The Time Travelers" has all the makings of a classic 'HIMYM' caper. Barney and Ted will come face to face with their future selves for another round of "Robots Vs. Wrestlers," but will things play out any differently this time around? And what does "coat check girl" ('Glee's Jayma Mays) have to do with it? Find out in the latest preview for 'How I Met Your Mother's "The Time Travelers" inside!

Now that 'How I Met Your Mother' got its return clunker "The Fortress" out of the way, we're very much looking forward to next Monday's trippy-sounding "The Time Travelers." All we know so far is that Barney and Ted will somehow come face to face with their future selves, while Marshall challenges Robin to a dance-off, and somehow "Robots Vs. Wrestlers" and season 1 guest role "coat check girl" will play into the proceedings.

CBS has released the first promo for the episode, which sees a very youthful-looking Future Barney and Ted confronting their past selves, though as Future Barney points out, not all is exactly as it seems. How do we think 'How I Met Your Mother' is going to get away with this one?

Check out the first promo from 'How I Met Your Mother's "The Time Travelers" below, and give us your theories on the out-there episode in the comments!