In the middle of watching the trailer for a new action thriller, my doorbell rang. It was a trio of Jehovah’s Witnesses asking me to ruminate over the word of the Bible and God. It was also a sign. A sign that maybe I had actually just seen God, in the form of a totally bonkers trailer about a bank robbery during a Category 5 storm.

Behold: The Hurricane Heist. This is a real movie about a group of criminals who decide that the most opportune time to rob the U.S. treasury is during a massive storm. But it doesn’t end there; there’s also a Treasury Agent (Maggie Grace) who teams up with a meteorologist (a Southern Toby Kebbell) who’s “terrified of hurricanes” – maybe you picked the wrong profession dude?! – to rescue his brother, who’s been kidnapped by the thieves. And can you guess what song plays in the trailer? Yes, yes you can. Oh, and then once the trailer seemingly ends, another teaser trailer plays after it with giant text thrown at our face as if we didn’t already know what the movie was about.

Here’s the full synopsis in case you don’t believe me:

Under the threat of a hurricane, opportunistic criminals infiltrate a US Mint facility to steal $600 million for the ultimate heist. When the hurricane blows up into a lethal CATEGORY 5 storm and their well-made plans go awry, they find themselves needing a vault code known only by one Treasury Agent (Maggie Grace), a need that turns murderous. But the Treasury agent has picked up an unlikely ally, a meteorologist (Toby Kebbell) terrified of hurricanes but determined to save his estranged brother kidnapped by the thieves. He uses his knowledge of the storm as a weapon to win in this non-stop action thriller ride charged with adrenaline throughout.

This glorious piece of filmmaking was directed by The Fast and the Furious and XxX director Rob Cohen, which makes total sense. The Hurricane Heist will be blasted into our eyeballs on March 9. Until then, please enjoy the film’s poster, which has two taglines, one being “Make it rain.” MAKE IT RAIN! Amen.


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