We recently brought you the poster for 'Alex Cross' and now - just in time for the latest Tyler Perry/Madea movie - there's a trailer for the film, which sells Perry playing serious. His Alex Cross is dealing with a serial killer (Matthew Fox), and eventually gets in the killer's cross-hairs.

As to be expected from director Rob Cohen the trailer is filled with a lot of ridiculous (and CGI-enhanced) action, which makes this feel like a throwback. Yes, it's been over fifteen years since 'Se7en' but that film rewrote and deconstructed the evil mastermind serial killer to the point that it ruined the cliche, and so this reminds of earlier villains in films like 'Ricochet' or any number of action movies with psychotic but unbelievably brilliant bad guys.

Tyler Perry doesn't exactly leap of the screen in the trailer. He seems to be playing it terse and close to the vest, which is a nice way to say wooden. Perhaps he's nervous about going big and recalling his Madea character, but Perry comes across like an average Joe thrust into the Jean-Claude Van Damme role. And with a plot that looks this silly, its pleasures may come from seeing how much fun it is to see Matthew Fox playing such an over the top psycho. The film opens October 19.

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