As we've been learning quite a bit in recent years, a series' cancellation in no way means it will stay dead forever.  If even 'Arrested Development' can find a new home years later on Netflix, surely there must be hope for MTV's well-received, but cancelled sitcom 'I Just Want My Pants Back," right?  The fans sure seem to think so, and you won't believe how they've decided to show their support.

'30 Rock's' Frank Rossitano once said, "If you want to save this show, you've got to get the fans involved.  Sometimes, people mail stuff to networks to show how passionate they are.  They sent light bulbs to save 'Friday Night Lights,' hot sauce to save 'Roswell,' and douchebags to save 'Entourage!'"  According to reports from Deadline, fans of MTV's recently-cancelled twenty-something comedy 'I Just Want My Pants Back,' have put their own spin on saving the show.

Carrying some 500 pairs of pants (thankfully not their own), fans of the series besieged both the New York and Los Angeles offices of MTV parent company Viacom in an effort to show their support for the series.  Initially stopped by security in New York, in LA, the fans were eventually escorted to the mail room where MTV head of programming David Janollari accepted the clothing, which protesters said represent the impact the show has had on them.

Not content to simply drop off the pants, fans also took to littering the Viacom sign outside with the pants.  The “save the show campaign”  for 'I Just Want My Pants Back,' adapted from a David Rosen novel of the same name, also includes an online petition and fans sending emails to MTV executives.  Reportedly, even 'Jersey Shore' star Snooki has expressed her admiration for the series.

Series show-runner Doug Limon is continuing to shop the series around to additional networks following its unexpected cancellation, as a critical and commercial success.  MTV offered no official explanation for the show's demise, though its likely 'Pants' was axed to make room for the network's impressive development slate.

Check out a photo of the pants-coated carnage below, and tell us if you think 'I Just Want My Pants Back' deserves another season in the comments!