Speculation over who might be the next James Bond has been running wild, especially with Daniel Craig’s contract expiring after one more 007 outing. Idris Elba is a popular choice among fans, though he’s sparked some debate given his age and recent comments from Bond author Anthony Horowitz, who caused a bit of a stir online earlier this month when he said Elba is “too street” for the part. But for those fans who really want to see the actor take on 007, this new mashup may be as close as we ever get.

Vulture put together the video above, which combines footage from the BBC series Luther along with scenes from The Gunman and the Spectre trailer, and a Jaguar ad because…of course. Elba isn’t quite dressed the part — his suits in the footage are not nearly as sharp and sleek as Bond’s — but he does have the smooth swagger and attitude required for the role.

There’s been a lot of speculation over who will take over for Craig when he leaves the 007 franchise — British bookies have placed Elba as their top favorite, while also putting heavy odds on former Homeland star Damian Lewis. Tom Hardy and Michael Fassbender have also been picked as favorites for the part.

It’ll still be a while before the new James Bond actor is announced, as Craig is contracted for one more 007 film after Spectre. Elba would make a great Bond, but who do you want to see take on the iconic role next?