Just this past weekend audiences saw Will Smith fight aliens in 3D and they won't have to wait long to see it again. Fox is converting the 1994 blockbuster 'Independence Day' to 3D and will be re-releasing the film in theaters. As Will Smith might say, "Aw, hell naw!"

Fox has announced that 'Independence Day 3D' (or 'ID4 3D' as I'm sure it will be known) will hit theaters on July 3, 2013 because everyone wants to see the White House explode in an extra dimension.

This summer has been an onslaught on Planet Earth from aliens with 'The Avengers' and 'Battleship' and 'Men in Black' and Earth will see no reprieve in 2013.

The film opened in 1996 and was a smash success, launching the acting career of Will Smith, who had previously been known to audiences only as The Fresh Prince.  The movie made over $300 million and despite rumors, a sequel was never made. 'ID4 3D' is the next best thing for Fox though because they get to bring the film back to theaters for a much cheaper price.

And just to get you psyched up, here's Bill Pullman's famous speech from the film: