Following Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm, we began hearing rumors of plans for Indiana Jones 5. Those rumors were followed by more rumors suggesting that Disney was eyeing Chris Pratt to replace Harrison Ford as the new face of the franchise. Pratt eventually denied those rumors, while Lucasfilm said they are planning a sequel — they just don’t know when they’ll pull it together. And now even more rumors have emerged, suggesting that Disney is reportedly eyeing a 2018 release date.

Not so fast, according to Jurassic World and Indiana Jones producer Frank Marshall — in an interview scheduled to run next week on Slashfilm, Marshall said there have been no discussions about Pratt starring in Indiana Jones 5; in fact, there haven’t really been any discussions at all:

So that’s just Internet rumor?

Frank Marshall: Yeah. I mean, we’ve had no discussions on Indy 5 to date.

Meanwhile, Ain’t It Cool News has a conflicting report — according to their “trusted source,” Lucasfilm has scheduled a fall 2018 release date for Indiana Jones 5. As Slashfilm notes, maybe something changed between the interview with Marshall, which took place last week, and this week. That something could have been the huge success of Jurassic World.

Combine that with the massive success of Guardians of the Galaxy, and Chris Pratt has all but certified himself as our newest blockbuster star.

Until Disney and Lucasfilm make something more official, it’s safe to assume that no concrete plans have been made just yet for Indiana Jones 5, though they are very much planning to make the sequel…eventually.

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