Amy Schumer feels your pain, to have endured her blockbuster 2015 full of Trainwrecks, standup specials, movies with Jennifer Lawrence and all-around splendor, but you’ve had plenty of time to recuperate. Even more exposure is coming in the first Inside Amy Schumer Season 4 teaser.

Comedy Central released the first official teaser for Season 4, poking fun at the stand-up star’s so-called overexposure in 2015, as well playfully insisting on a return to her basic-cable Comedy Central roots. The revered sketch show has already been renewed for a fifth season to air in 2017, so there’s plenty more exposure to come beyond the April 21 premiere.

Said Schumer to EW of the joke:

One of our writers, Christine Nangle, said it at an awards show. She said I couldn’t be there because I was being treated for overexposure. It’s hilarious. When it came to market [this season], I was like, let’s totally lean in to it.

Added executive producer Dan Powell:

We do touch a little bit on Amy’s higher profile – it would be weird not to. After the year she’s had? We wanted to acknowledge it. But also make fun of it.

Guests for Season 4 thus far include Lin-Manuel Miranda, Steve Buscemi and Selena Gomez. You can watch the teaser again above, and stay tuned for more on Inside Amy Schumer Season 4.

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