Inside Out is easily one of Pixar’s best, most emotionally complex films to date, making it an instant animated classic. As such, we — like you, surely — are incredibly excited for the Blu-ray release. The other day, we learned that Pixar has attached a new short titled Riley’s First Date? to the home video release, and new details have emerged that should get you even more pumped for the Blu-ray.

Disney and Pixar have revealed more details about the Inside Out Blu-ray, which will include four deleted scenes, giving you even more Inside Out to love:

Riley Grows Up — In this scene from a version of the film where the primary relationship was between Joy and Fear (then named Freddie), the emotions begin to notice a change in Riley.

Joy’s Decline — Joy’s struggles to make sense of the limitations on Riley’s behavior that seem to be springing up at every turn.

Misdirection —Joy and Freddie encounter a group of Riley’s “retired” imaginary friends, including an early version of Bing Bong.

Construction — Joy is guided through Riley’s mind by a radical non-conformist, Bing Bong, outraged by the demolition of older areas like Imagination Park.

As you’ll note, some of these deleted scenes are from earlier versions of the film — Fear was initially named Freddie, and Bing Bong wasn’t always how he turned out. So not only are we getting some deleted scenes, but we’ll get an idea of what another version of the film might have been like.

If you get the Disney Movies Anywhere release, you’ll get two additional deleted scenes:

Joy Alone — Pursuing a lost memory underneath the ocean, Joy is given a chance to fulfill her heart’s desire

Imagination Park — Joy is chased through a reactivated Imagination Park by an antagonistic Freddie.

Inside Out will arrive on Digital HD and Disney Movies Anywhere on October 13, followed by the Blu-ray, DVD combo pack and OnDemand release on November 3.

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