There are some pretty wonderful visual effects in 'Iron Man 3' -- but you know that already because you've seen it by now (if not, please leave the internet immediately and do that). If you're curious how they pulled off some of that visual trickery, we've got some videos for you that will show you.

Thanks to these new behind-the-scenes visual effects videos, we now know how they were able to pull off some of those amazing tricks in 'Iron Man 3.' Take the first video, for instance, which shows us how they melted the base of that water tower to tip it over:

What's great about the film's visual effects is that they're not all entirely obvious. We knew there had to be some digital magic used in the water tower sequence, but we're genuinely surprised at the use of effects in some of these other videos. For instance, we had no idea James Badge Dale wasn't wearing the Iron Patriot suit during the Air Force One sequence.

Below is a similar video showing how they turned Robert Downey, Jr. and Don Cheadle into Iron Man and War Machine for 'Iron Man 2.'

Here's one last video showing how they created one of the biggest action scenes in the movie: the explosion of Air Force One and the passengers all hurtling down to Earth.

That's some pretty skilled CG work. And for as much as we often complain these days about the abundance of computer generated visuals, 'Iron Man 3' showcases the ways in which this tool is useful without being distracting.