Hot off the heels of confirmation that Ben Kingsley will be playing Mandarin in 'Iron Man 3' comes some more villainous news from the North Carolina set: James Badge Dale, previously thought to be playing Coldblood, will actually be starring as Iron Patriot!

The Iron Patriot armor is a combination of the Iron Man suit and the Captain America shield, fashioned by Norman Osborn (the Green Goblin for comic fans) from documents stolen from Tony Stark's office. The suit first appeared in "Dark Avengers #1" and was later hacked by Tony Stark who shut the suit down.

The armor is clearly being used in a different capacity in this film but, despite it's pro-America look, still seems to be something villainous in nature.

As was previously reported, Guy Pearce is playing Aldrich Killian who uses the Extremis technology to create an army of "multiple super-powered individuals" one of which includes Iron Patriot and the other was rumored to be Firepower but may also be cover for another Iron Man suit.

As you can see above, the suit varies slightly from the comic version with brighter and bolder colors but it's an interesting addition to the already curious 'Iron Man 3'...