Marvel likes to include surprise post-credits scenes in their movies and 'Iron Man 3' will be no different. But if a new rumor is to be believed, this one won't be a surprise. So what new superhero will be formally introduced in the 'Iron Man 3' post-credits scene? (Quite obviously, there are potentially major spoilers ahead...)

On The Playlist podcast, the news of Andy Lau leaving 'Iron Man 3' came up and the hosts noted this was important because the character Lau was playing was an integral part of the post-credits scene. Lau was to play a version of Radioactive Man (no, not that Radioactive Man...) in the film but that's not the big surprise.

They claim that the scene would have Radioactive Man meeting up with Hank Pym, the scientist who would become Ant Man. More so, the plan is to have Edgar Wright - who wrote the script for the 'Ant Man' movie and is set to direct the film - direct the 'Iron Man 3' post-credits scene, much like how Joss Whedon directed the 'Avengers' tease at the end of 'Thor.'

Now this news is far from confirmed but it does make a lot of sense. Wright told Empire that he hoped to begin shooting "this year" on 'Ant-Man' but this clashed with the announcement he'd be directing Simon Pegg and Nick Frost in 'The World's End' this year. Wright took to Twitter to clarify the news saying, "Let’s just say I hope to shoot some 'Ant-Man' & 'World’s End' this year.

The scenario laid about above would certainly allow Wright to shoot some of 'Ant-Man' (in the form of the 'Iron Man 3' post-credits scene) this year, then shoot 'World's End' and then return to shoot the entire 'Ant-Man' movie in 2013.

It also potentially sets the stage for a big announcement at Comic-Con where 'Iron Man 3' and Marvel will be hosting a panel on Saturday afternoon. Will the 'Ant-Man' actor be brought out on stage with Edgar Wright?

Stay tuned...