'Iron Man 3' will feature Mandarin as its lead villain (played by Oscar-winner Ben Kingsley). That we know (after Marvel officially denied it). But is there another supervillain in 'Iron Man 3' that Marvel has been trying to keep quiet? If these new 'Iron Man 3' toys are to be believed, then yes. Yes, there is.

Last night Hasbro hosted an event to highlight some of their product reveals at New York Comic-Con 2012. One of the product lines they debuted was the "'Iron Man 3' Micro Muggs Action Figures" series set to debut in February 2013. Most of the figurines are fairly innocuous - Iron Man, Tony Stark, War Machine, etc. - but one stood out to us. A new character in green and black armor. Is that...Titanium Man?

Titanium Man (or Men, there were a few of them) wears a suit of armor not unlike the Iron Man or Crimson Dynamo armor. The suit is actually stronger than Stark's Iron Man suit, though not nearly as sophisticated.

The toy you see below is definitely a version of the Titanium Man armor but it's possible the character in the film might actually be a mix of the Titanium Man from the comics and another character, Radioactive Man. Chinese actor Wang Xueqi is listed as starring in 'Iron Man 3' as Chen Lu, the man who becomes Radioactive Man and who works for 'Iron Man 3' big villain Mandarin.

Remember that the characters of Crimson Dynamo and Whiplash were essentially merged to create the Mickey Rourke character in 'Iron Man 2.' So whatever this character will be called in 'Iron Man 3' it looks like we have an idea what his armor will look like.