'Iron Man 3' has a new TV spot and it gives us our first official look at the new Iron Man. No, not Hulkbuster or the Deep Space Armor - we're talking a new person in the armor. Namely, Pepper Potts. Yup, that photo you see above is actually Pepper in the Iron Man armor and this new TV spot gives you a first look at the girl in action.

For some reason, the news that Pepper would be inside the Iron Man suit in 'Iron Man 3' was treated as some kind of spoiler, even though Robert Downey, Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow and producer Kevin Feige have all been talking somewhat openly about her big scenes in the media. And today we get confirmation of the Pepper suit with this new 'Iron Man 3' TV spot.

It's kind of awesome to see a female superhero rush in to save our traditionally male hero and we're hoping that one of these days, we'll get a female-led superhero movie whether it be 'Wonder Woman' or 'Black Widow' (and no, 'Elektra' doesn't count).

Check out the Pepper Potts-themed TV spot below and another bonus spot from the 'Iron Man 3' Facebook page.

'Iron Man 3' hits theaters on May 3.