During the press conference today for 'The Avengers,' Robert Downey Jr. said that they would be filming one additional scene tonight. It was hard to say if this was a joke or not, but it seems that Mark Ruffalo has confirmed that there will be an additional scene added for the theatrical release. Or will there?

Ruffalo confirmed this to The Playlist, and the press was abuzz with Downey's comments earlier today.

Two thoughts: With the way movies are made and distributed these days, it's quite possible they could shoot something this close to release, though it seems likely that the film is locked, and that prints are either being struck or about to be made. And though there is a lot of buzz about how many theaters are converting to digital, there will still be film prints of this, which means that this will have to shot, cut and edited RIGHT NOW.

The other thought is this: 'The Avengers' actors are shooting something for Jimmy Kimmel, or Jay Leno or Conan O'Brien. Likely Kimmel because he works for ABC, which is owned by Disney, which is releasing this Marvel production. This then is something that will be shown around the time of the film's premiere as a jokey "Hey look at this cut scene from the movie" type of thing. Considering the midnight hour, we'd bet this is for that.