Almost a decade after it became one of the cult horror hits of the 2010s, It Follows is finally getting a follow-up. How fitting!

The new film will be called They Follow, and it will once again be written and directed by David Robert Mitchell and star Maika Monroe, who gave a breakthrough in the first film as Jay, a young woman hounded by a mysterious presence that will not stop following her after she has sex. The new title was officially announced in a press release, which didn’t give too many additional details about the project or its plot. It did note that the film is expected to start shooting in 2024.


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In 2015, Mitchell told ScreenCrush how the idea for this most unique horror movie came about:

The basic idea came from a recurring nightmare that I had when I was a kid. When I was like, nine or 10, I was being followed by this monster and it looked like different people, and it would just walk very slowly toward me. I could see that other people didn’t seem to react to it, and it would just follow me into my house and my family wouldn’t see it. I would have to run, climb out a window and run down an alley. It wasn’t that hard to get away from it, but you know, it was the feeling of anxiety that it’s always walking toward me. I stopped having that when I was young—the dream—but I remembered it. Over the years I kept thinking it would be fun to try and make a horror film, and I kept thinking about that idea, and started adding little pieces to it over the years. Eventually I added the sexual element, of course. It happened over a long period of time, and I don’t remember every little piece of it, but yeah, I wrote it a few years ago. That’s when I put everything down on paper and collected all these little fragments of ideas.

Since It Follows, Mitchell went on to direct the quirky Andrew Garfield detective comedy Under the Silver Lake. Monroe went on to star in Independence Day: ResurgenceHoney Boy, and Watcher. I’m curious to see a sequel, but I am disappointed it is not titled It Follows It Follows.

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