You may have not known that you wanted a Timothée Chalamet stoner movie, but just watch the trailer for A24’s Hot Summer Nights. After that, you will.

In the first of the Oscar nominee’s two drug-related projects coming out this year – this certainly looks more playful and fun than his meth addiction drama Beautiful Boy – Chalamet plays Daniel, a shy kid who gets into the marijuana business. He starts a weed dealing business with a Cape Cod local (Alex Roe), and soon falls for his sister, played by It Follows‘ Maika Monroe. There’s drive-ins, carnivals, bathroom make-outs, bong hits, topless piano playing, blood-splattering – all the classic elements of a youthful summer (maybe minus those last two). Here’s the full synopsis:

Set in Cape Cod over one scorching summer, Hot Summer Nights follows Daniel (Timothée Chalamet), a shy out-of-towner who gets in over his head flipping weed with the neighborhood rebel (Alex Roe) while pursuing his new business partner’s enigmatic sister (Maika Monroe). With a hurricane looming in the wings, tensions rise against a backdrop of drive-ins, arcades, and crashed parties as the stakes (and temperatures) grow ever higher.

The directorial debut from Elijah Bynum, which debuted at SXSW, looks like a lot of things: part teen romance, part trippy stoner comedy, part thriller. Hopefully it will all add up to something refreshing, but at the very least I’m excited to see Chalamet and Monroe star as love interests. Hot Summer Nights arrives on DirecTV June 28 and hit theaters July 27.

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