It's time to play some Boyz II Men, as tonight brings the season finale of 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' and after this run, it's going to be hard to say goodbye (to yesterday). It's been a great year with few bum notes, so it's going to be a long wait for the gang's return in 2014.

The episode starts at "1:00 PM On a Wednesday" with Mac and Dennis renting 'Thundergun Express' the director's cut, with thirteen minutes of additional footage. They want it for an unusual Thanksgiving day party, but working the counter are Liam and Ryan McPoyle. Liam is wearing an eyepatch because someone ate one of his eyeballs at his wedding, and as Liam blames the gang for his eye loss, he kicks them out of the store. Back at the bar, Charlie is mad at Frank because the heat is broken in their apartment, and Frank won't pay the rent until their landlord fixes the heat, but the landlord won't fix it until Frank pays. Dee has everyone's thanksgiving hoagies, but they smell like gasoline because Gail "The Snail" and her have "mad beef" and so she couldn't get the hoagies everyone likes. Dennis notes they've made too many enemies, and he suggests they use Thanksgiving to squash their beefs.

Back at Dennis and Mac's place they plot the people they'll beef-squash with, which includes Dennis and Dee's real dad. Dennis plans to give their guests a peace treaty, while Charlie is cooking squash and beef, Mac has a bucket with a hatchet in it (for burying) and Dee's got a slate to wipe clean. Hwang the landlord, Liam and Ryan all show up, and so Dee breaks the ice when Rickety Cricket shows up to squash their beef, but mostly just to get free food. Dennis and Mac plot to make peace first the McPoyle's, so they give them the peace treaty, but the McPoyles reject it. Liam wants an apology,  but Dennis and Mac won't give it, so they plot to get an eye. Frank and Wang have a stare-off when Gail shows up. Gail wants Dee to be her best friend, and so they broker a day of best friendship.

Frank and Hwang continue to stare at each other when Charlie tries to get the two to talk. Charlie offers a game plan of half the rent first, then the heat gets fixed, then the rest, but Frank instead decides to burn the rent money in front of Hwang. Dennis and Mac ask Cricket for his eye, but as he only has one good working eye he's resistant. Dennis suggests that he might be better off blind, so Cricket considers it.The person the gang mistakenly thought was Dennis and Dee's father shows up, and then Bill Ponderosa arrives, who Dennis and Mac invited to hopefully apologize to Liam.

With everyone seated for dinner, Dennis makes a speech about Thanksgiving and how the pilgrims and Indians made peace with each other, and they try to get everyone to sign the peace treaties. Trying to get Bill to admit about his involvement with the eye-eating, instead he tells the group that he broke into Dee's apartment and sniffed her panties. Bill says that he doesn't remember anything about the wedding other than that Frank gave him permission to get wasted, so the McPoyles blame Frank, while Gail admits she's giving Hwang a hand job under the table to make Frank jealous. Dee wonders who Bruce is, and she gives up the ghost about them blowing up his car. Bill then gives Bruce some cocaine to help him feel better. Everyone devolves into arguing, which leads to a food fight, and Liam throwing the hatchet into Cricket's arm. The gang then realize that Mac's room is on fire because of Frank's money-burning. The gang's plan to get out of it is to lock everyone into the apartment as it burns and then decide they don't want to squash beefs, they plan just let them simmer under the surface as they head over to Frank and Charlie's.

'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is at its best when the gang gives in to their most sociopathic urges, and where this seemed to be the episode of the season that brings back a number of the recurring players (something they do most years), it was a delightfully mean reunion. Jimmi Simpson was obviously having a lot of fun playing with his character Liam's lack of an eyeball, while Mary Jane Rajskub's Gail was also amusingly terrible. The show always shines when it finds the absolute worst lesson for the gang to learn, and tonight delivered a strong send-off for the season. Though maybe not as amusing as the best of this season, this was a strong closer, and -- as we said before -- it's going to be a long wait for Season 10.