By now, all of the big end of the year pictures have screened, including 'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey' and 'Django Unchained.' Well, all but one. We're still waiting to hear word about 'Jack Reacher,' which stars Tom Cruise, and was directed by Christopher McQuarrie. Now there's a Japanese Trailer, which offers some new footage.

And though he may have been in other trailers, we perked up when we realized that Richard Jenkins (of 'Cabin in the Woods' and more recently 'Killing Them Softly') is in the film. Jenkins has become one of our most reliable character actors, and he brings something interesting to everything he's in.

We're also a little worried about the film. The film hasn't garnered much attention, and it doesn't feel like an event film, which you would expect after Cruise returned to form last year with 'Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol.' This trailer sells a great action/mystery, with Cruise's Reacher part private eye and part bruiser. We're hoping this delivers, but if we're nervous it's only because in situations like this - where we're so close to release - that it's not being trumpeted is weird. Shouldn't this be a slam dunk?

'Jack Reacher' hits theaters December 21. Here's that Japanese Trailer (h/t to Slashfilm for pointing it out):

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