The name is Bond. James Bond: The Musical.

You read correctly. According to, James Bond will return ... as the lead of his very own Broadway musical, due on the Great White Way (or possibly Las Vegas) in “late 2017-early 2018.” The project is being spearheaded by Merry Saltzman, the daughter of Bond movie producer Harry Saltzman, who told Playbill that she’s gotten the rights to make a Bond musical, from a book by novelist Dave Clarke with music and lyrics by Jay Henry Weisz.

Throughout his long history on screen, Bond’s been closely associated with music, from his iconic theme song by Monty Norman, to the great John Barry scores to most of his classic adventures, to the title tracks that accompany each of his movie’s opening credits. It’s hard to conceive of a Bond show that didn’t feature Norman and Barry’s music, but Playbill doesn’t mention either in its report. And while a musical with tunes like “Goldfinger” and “Thunderball” could be fun, it wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense unless Bond’s going to relive all those old famous adventures. Maybe he’s secretly a nostalgic guy.

But hey, it could still work anyway. Bond’s a super suave dude and a good dancer. All he needs to do is burst into song when he orders his drink (“Have you not heard? / I like them shaken, not stiiiiiiiired”) or receives a briefing from Q (“Put down that pen / It’s actually a bomb that will go off when / it’s tossed at evil meeeeeeen!”). Heck, why wait for the stage musical? Let’s add some songs to the next Bond movie, Spectre, coming this fall to theaters. Daniel Craig could bust Christoph Waltz and then bust a move.