There are a few immutable constants in this world that we look to as reminders of the natural order of all living things. The sun rises in the east. The Earth travels around the sun. James Bond drinks martinis, “shaken, not stirred.”

According to The Guardian, though, one of these unbreakable laws have been broken. James Bond — and you might want to sit down before you read this — orders a different drink in Spectre.

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Are you all right? I know, this is difficult news to hear. Here are the additional relevant details.

The Guardian’s source on the set of Spectre claims that Daniel Craig’s Bond orders a drink with the character played by Lea Seydoux. And then when the drink arives it is apparently a dirty martini.


I know, I know. It’s going to be okay. Here’s how The Guardian’s spy described the scene:

“You can see olives in the glass. Bond is clearly going for a dirty [martini] to impress his dining companion – it’s all very sensual. Traditionalists might find it a bit strange, but the dirty is, in fact, a great choice for a licensed killer who can’t stop seducing women.”

In a related story, dogs and cats have been reported to be living together all over the world, prompting widespread mass hysteria.

Bond’s alcoholic preferences were set in the very first Ian Fleming Bond novel, way back in 1958. Over the years, he’s enjoyed other cocktails and spirits (usually when the producers of his movies have secured him various lucrative product placement contracts with companies like Heineken), but he’s always returned to his old favorite, the vodka martini, shaken (not stirred).

But these Daniel Craig Bonds have explained so much about his character already, and supposedly Spectre will be an “origin story” for 007. Maybe it’s also an origin story for the shaken not stirred martini. Maybe he takes a sip of the dirty martini and spits it out and goes “Right, this tastes horrible! I’m all shaken up about this ... wait a second. That gives me an idea! Bartender! Come here!”

Spectre opens in theaters on November 6.

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