James Franco is further proving that his career choices stem from a medical condition that doesn't allow him to say the word, "No." Next up: Franco will star as the bad guy in the Jason Statham action film 'Homefront' based on a script by action star Sylvester Stallone.

At least once or twice a week around here we find ourselves typing things out that don't make a whole lot of sense, like "based on a script by action star Sylvester Stallone."

According to Variety, modern renaissance man James Franco -- whose resume includes soap operas, blogging, directing, writing, professional college goer, and having a Japanese love pillow for a girlfriend -- has signed on to join Jason Statham for 'Homefront,' directed by Gary Fleder. Fleder's resume includes a lot of television work on series such as 'The River,' 'Life Unexpected,' 'Happy Town,' and 'October Road,' as well as feature films 'Runaway Jury' and the Ashley Judd thriller 'Kiss the Girls.'

'Homefront' follows Phil Broker (Statham), a former DEA agent just trying to make a peaceful living for his family, but when he relocates them to a new town, he discovers it's overrun by violent criminals and drug trafficking. Broker goes up against Gator (Franco), a meth kingpin, as he fights to protect his family.

We just have one question: if you're a DEA agent -- or anyone with common sense, for that matter -- how is it that you move to a new town without knowing it's a hell hole before you get there? Is it one of those things where the pictures look nicer than the real deal? Like, surprise! You thought you were moving to the suburbs, but here's a drug-addled ghetto instead!