What do you get for the director that figured out how to adapt a popular but tricky comic-book superhero to the big screen? Another adaptation to work on, of course.

Fresh off Logan, the popular and surprisingly mature conclusion of Hugh Jackman’s run as everyone’s favorite and hairiest mutant, it appears that James Mangold will next turn his attention to the children’s book Crenshaw by author Katherine Applegate. The Hollywood Reporter has the news, and a description of the book for those who aren’t familiar with it:

Applegate's book follows Jackson, a young boy whose family has fallen on hard times, at which point his imaginary friend — a giant cat named Crenshaw — comes back in to Jackson's life to offer some help. Applegate's other children's book, the award-winning The One and Only Ivan, is set for an animated feature adaptation from Disney with Angelina Jolie in place to voice-star.

THR notes that Mangold’s Crenshaw is intended as a live-action film, not an animated feature.

Hardcore Crenshaw fans should know that there’s a caveat here: Mangold’s already got a pretty busy upcoming schedule, and Crenshaw might not be the next thing on his plate. He’s also attached to a potential spinoff from Logan about X-23, the title character’s artificial daughter with her own rage issues, played in Logan by Dafne Keen. Either way, it is interesting to note that Mangold would be targeting a much younger audience than he has previously. Unless I watched it wrong, and Cop Land was actually a whimsical adventure for the whole family.

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