How would you like to be more like 'Iron Man'? Thanks to one very creative Japanese blacksmith, now you can -- but you'll still have to be as rich as Tony Stark to do it. Check out this video to see the awesome robot suit in action!

LiveScience has this great look at a new robot suit from Japanese blacksmith Kogoro Kurata, an artist who designed and engineered the suit for Suidobashi Heavy Industry. In this video, Kurata describes the suit as being more akin to the armored troopers from the anime series 'Armored Trooper Votoms' than the 'Mobile Suit Gundam' robots, which are manned by humans.

Kurata says, "The point is that AT Votoms doesn't need any specially trained pilot," meaning just about anyone can figure this bad boy out. It won't take a Tony Stark-level genius, but it will take his level of cash, with the starting price listed at $1.35 million. The suits allow the user to pilot the device and deploy non-lethal joke weapons. You can also control the suit using smartphones or motion control, similar to the Xbox Kinect platform.

Kurata's work is very inspirational and, well, just damn cool. The robot suit is reminiscent of Tony Stark's work on the Iron Man suit, but it also reminds us a little of the mech-suits in 'District 9.' Check out this video for more: