Jason Bateman has been asking for 30 years now and, as he gets older, he's beginning to look at the next phase of his career. And one thing he says he's seriously considering is hosting his own late night talk show.

Most actors transition to TV once their careers in film start to dry up. Jason Bateman has no shortage of film projects on the way (including 'This Is Where I Leave You' with Tina Fey, sequels to 'Horrible Bosses' and 'Identity Thief' and his directorial debut 'Bad Words') but he's already planning his transition to TV, with his own late night talk show he's been thinking about.

The actor tells GQ:

Without getting too specific about it, I've thought seriously about it. I was talking to [my wife] about...when we can finally move to New York, which is what I've been wanting to do forever -- if television will have me, I would love to do that....To host a talk show then, that would be a fun way to do the last bit.

As it so happens, a new opening in late night TV could be opening up very soon...

Now before we go placing Jason Bateman on the list of possible replacements for Jimmy Fallon or David Letterman, the actor mentions that he wouldn't want to start a late night career until after his kids go to college and considering he and his wife had their second daughter last year, that's at least 18 years off.

But Bateman has been around forever (as evidenced by his appearance in this 1987 version of 'Bates Motel' long before this new rebooted 'Bates Motel') and is one of the more likable actors in Hollywood, so if anyone could pull it off 20 years from now, we'd put our money on him being able to do it. Hey, maybe he can be the replacement for Jimmy Kimmel when he retires.