Last year we were overly disappointed to learn that despite most of the critical raves for film star Jason Isaacs' turn in the low-rated NBC drama 'Awake,' the network had officially decided to pull the plug on the series after 13 episodes. Now, we're learning that Isaacs will return to TV for yet another high-profile project, this time over at CBS, as the 'Harry Potter' franchise star steps up his standing to play the titular 'Surgeon General.' Find out if 'Surgeon General' will thrive or prove DOA inside!

Gruff UK film star Jason Isaacs will once again don an American accent for network TV audiences this year, but hopefully no one will sleep through it as they did NBC's 2012 effort 'Awake.' News pouring out reports that Isaacs will take the title role of CBS' upcoming medical drama 'Surgeon General,' which as far as titles go, sounds pretty self-explanatory.

Portraying "America's Doctor" John Sherman, 'Surgeon General' will be written and produced by 'Lie to Me' creator Samuel Baum, with Isaacs' titular character being described as "a man of solid build and solid character" every bit as dryly witty as he is resolved, Sherman and his team will "battle the powerful forces of politics and business, fighting to protect the health of everyday Americans."

What say you? Will you stay 'Awake' for Jason Isaacs new CBS drama 'Surgeon General?'

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