Whether at the lead of NBC's now-cancelled 'My Name is Earl' or TNT's 'Memphis Beat,' or even guest stints on NBC's 'Up All Night,' Jason Lee has never had the best track network with major networks. Might that change, however, as the actor joins CBS' buzz-worthy new pilot 'Second Sight'? Based on the 2000 UK series of the same name, Lee will star as a detective with unusual hallucinations that help him on the case, but will he be able to see a future for CBS' new procedural? Get a 'Second Sight' at the new show inside!

FOX's 'Raising Hope' may get in the habit of 'My Name is Earl' reunions now and again, but Jason Lee is officially returning to network TV full time. According to Deadline, the now-cancelled 'Memphis Beat' star has been tapped by CBS as the lead of 'Second Sight,' a remake of the 2000 UK drama of the same name.

Written by pilot director Michael Cuesta from a script he penned with his brother Gerald, CBS' 'Second Sight' features Jason Lee in the lead as New Orleans Police Department detective Tanner, a man concealing an ocular disorder that causes him to have horrifying hallucinations. Told by his doctor that he will not go blind from the visions, Tanner comes to think of the images as a gift, signposts from his subconscious that point him in the right direction. Clive Owen played the lead in the original UK series.

Michael Cuesta, Carol Mendelsohn, Julie Weitz, Paula Milne and Nick Reed are all on board to excutive produce, but what say you? Has Jason Lee found a hit this time around with CBS' 'Second Sight,' or will it vanish before his eyes?