Bad news, you guys. Turns out Jason Segel had yet another scene of full frontal nudity in 'The Five-Year Engagement,' but director and co-writer Nicholas Stoller cut the scene from the film. Now why would he do such a thing?

Before you start doing some weird hybrid of crying at/making out with your copy of 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall,' remember that you can see Segel full frontal in that film, so don't ruin it with your melodramatic eye waters.

The LA Times says that in the scene "Segel’s character abruptly leaves a sexual encounter, running outside onto snow-covered streets without his pants. The new cut will show only his backside." See? So we still get to see him make an ass out of himself (pun intended.) Segel plays fiance to Emily Blunt in the film about a couple who keep putting off their engagement when life gets in the way.

In all seriousness, kudos to Stoller for recognizing the difference between relevant and gratuitous. From the LA Times Blog:

“In ‘Sarah Marshall,’ the full-frontal is not completely gratuitous -- it’s kind of a metaphor for his vulnerability,” said Stoller, noting that Segel’s nudity in "Marshall" occurred during an emotional break-up. “When I looked at the scene in the new movie, it did seem gratuitous. I was like, ‘This doesn’t work.’”

Maybe Stoller can share his wisdom with other directors when they deign to include female nudity for the sake of rousing up some trousers. Equality!

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