The 2012 MTV Movie Awards category Best On-Screen Dirt Bag was a new addition this year and the winner was someone who doesn't have a whole lot of experience playing dirt bags: 'Horrible Bosses' star Jennifer Aniston.

It was the first award of the night and Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis (stars of 'Ted') were on-hand to hand out the award. Jennifer Aniston was the big Best On-Screen Dirt Bag winner at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards for her portrayal of the conniving, sexed-up dentist in 'Horrible Bosses' (coincidentally, Aniston was competing against her 'Horrible Bosses' co-star Colin Farrell).

During her acceptance speech, Aniston said that she had been waiting for years to be able to unleash her inner dirt bad in a film and thanked 'Horrible Bosses' director Seth Gordon for allowing her to do so.  She also gave a shout out to 'Friends' for allowing her to be a sweetheart all those many years, making a role like that in 'Horrible Bosses' even better.