It seems that ever since news started breaking about Darren Aronofsky's 'Noah,' Jennifer Connelly was mentioned as the most likely candidate to play Noah's wife. Well, now it's official: She's in talks to play that role.

This comes from Variety, and the role would re-team her with her 'Requiem for a Dream' director Aronofsky and 'A Beautiful Mind' co-star Russell Crowe, so it's a reunion of sorts. Connelly won the best supporting actress Oscar in 2001 playing opposite Crowe in 'Mind' so perhaps he's a good luck charm.

Though Connelly hasn't been in the mainstream as much lately (her last role was in 'Salvation Boulevard'), but so far she's had a fascinating career. From a child star in the films of Sergio Leone, Dario Argento, and as the star of 'Labyrinth,' she transitioned into sexpot roles in films like 'Career Opportunities,' 'The Rocketeer' and 'The Hot Spot.' But though she spent some time just playing attractive women, it was Darren Aronofsky who saw the great actress in her, and her turn in 'Requiem for a Dream' led to a number of Oscar contenders. Some good ('Little Children') some less so ('House of Sand and Fog').

Now that Connelly's in her 40's, it's likely she'll be playing more mothers - as in this case - but if we're lucky she'll follow the same career path as Diane Lane.