Jennifer Lawrence is doing it backwards. Beautiful starlets are supposed to do the gratuitous, sleazy horror film before they land the plum role in a massive franchise. Yet as Lawrence’s ‘The Hunger Games’ dominates the box office, the Oscar nominee teases her upcoming horror-thriller ‘House at the End of the Street’ with the first full trailer.

Speaking of backwards, the trailer basically works in reverse. The film – directed by Mark Tonderai – stars Lawrence and Elisabeth Shue as a mother-daughter pair who move to the titular house and start experiencing bizarre things.

The trailer really hits the ground running, with Lawrence fleeing … something as she appears to fear for her life. Then it backpedals, explaining (sort of) how Lawrence is going to experience fear, pain, horror and possible abduction – all while sporting John McClane’s signature white t-shirt from the original ‘Die Hard.’

‘House’ has been shifting around the calendar, finally landing on Sept. 21, where it will compete against ‘Cogan’s Trade,’ the animated ‘Hotel Transylvania’ and Lionsgate’s reboot of ‘Dredd.’

Does the trailer make you excited to see Lawrence potentially tortured by Max Thieriot? Let us know.