Jennifer Lawrence has just added another film to her busy schedule. 'The Hunger Games' leading lady will lend her talents to 'The Ends of the Earth' for the Weinstein Company.

Jennifer Lawrence has been in serious demand lately with the upcoming 'House at the End of the Street' and not one, but two films with Bradley Cooper -- David O. Russell's 'The Silver Linings Playbook' and acclaimed director Susanne Bier's indie drama 'Serena.' Not to mention 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' and 'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.' Lawrence has proved she's got the chops to do serious indie drama, action, science-fiction and horror, and now she'll be tackling a new period drama for the Weinstein Company.

According to Variety, she's in final talks to star in 'The Ends of the Earth' from writer Chris Terrio (Ben Affleck's 'Argo'). The film is based on Ernest and Lydie Marland, an oil baron and his adopted niece/daughter, who later became his wife. Please, hold your nausea until the end.

Lawrence will play Lydie, a woman who is adopted by her uncle Ernest and aunt Virginia, and embarks on an affair that leads to marrying her uncle. Her influence on his oil empire -- calling for fair wages and health care -- earned her the title "princess of the prairies."