It's quittin' time on Friday.  For most of you, this probably means a trip to the bar after a long week of work, dinner with friends, maybe even an evening out with that special somebody.  Or alternately, it could mean that your Maine Lobster and caviar garnish is being helicoptered into your palatial mansion, once the delivery guy figures out how to get through the runway adorned with matching Bengal tigers.

Oh, I'm sorry, are you not 'Jersey Shore' star DJ Pauly D?  We thought you might have been 'Jersey Shore star DJ Pauly D.

Forbes Magazine (they still have magazines?) has issued their list of the highest paid DJs, and shockingly at number 7 on the list is 'Jersey Shore' star Pauly D (real name: Paul DelVecchio).  Just behind his DJ rival Deadmau5, Pauly D pulled in a total of $11 million over the last twelve months.  We bet you're going to need that beer a lot faster.

Mind you, Pauly also has his own clothing line, a spin-off reality show independent of his 'Jersey Shore' duty, his own tanning lotion, his own line of cocktails, and a set of headphones with rapper 50 Cent.  DJing can also bring in a pretty hefty paycheck as well, given that the top-ranking DJ on the list Tiesto doubled Pauly D's take at $22 million.

So if you can get your eyeballs to stop vomiting after reading this, the new season of 'Jersey Shore' premieres Thursday, October 4 on MTV.

What say you?  Is the 'Jersey Shore' overpaid, or are his talents worth the cool $11 million per year?  Give us your reaction in the comments below!