IFC Films has released the first trailer for 'Why Stop Now,' the indie comedy the company acquired after its premiere at Sundance earlier this year, starring Jesse Eisenberg and Melissa Leo.

The trailer comes courtesy of Yahoo, and... it looks okay. Eisenberg plays a bright piano student who must check his drug-addled mother (Leo) into rehab on the day of a very important audition. Unfortunately, the pair encounter some trouble trying to get mom the help she needs, resulting in a wacky adventure with a drug dealer named Sprinkles (Tracy Morgan).

There's nothing laugh-out-loud funny here and most of the beats look pretty formulaic. Quirky drug addict mother, a deadline to be met, a cast of ne'er-do-wells to navigate, and of course the obligatory "straight-laced person inadvertently takes drugs and has a hyperbolic reaction." Eisenberg accidentally takes some Oxycontin (white trash heroin) in the trailer, and though we don't see the end result of that mishap, we're totally sure we know where it goes from there.

This isn't to say 'Why Stop Now' won't be good, but the trailer isn't doing a good job of selling the comedy -- though Tracy Morgan playing a variation of Tracy Morgan almost guarantees a few chuckles.

Check out the trailer below. 'Why Stop Now' hits theaters August 17, or you can rent it on VOD platforms in advance of its release this Thursday, July5.