A few actors have had an amazing year in film (Chris Pratt, for instance), but no one comes close to Jessica Chastain, who has consistently turned in great performances in not one, not two, but four films in 2014. We’re not the only ones who noticed, either: The Critics’ Choice Awards have declared Chastain their MVP in film for 2014, and are honoring her with a special award during the live broadcast on January 15.

THR reports that the Critics’ Choice Awards show is gearing up for its broadcast in January, but they’ve already announced the recipients of three honorary awards: Jessica Chastain is receiving their 2014 MVP in film award, Kevin Costner will be given a Lifetime Achievement Award, and Ron Howard is expected to receive the Louis XIII Genius Award for his ongoing excellence in cinema.

Costner and Howard aside, Chastain delivered four fantastic performances this year in ‘A Most Violent Year,’ ‘The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby,’ ‘Miss Julie,’ and ‘Interstellar.’ There are few actors who appear in this many films in a given year, and/or manage to deliver such consistently excellent work. Chastain has become one of our top leading ladies—she’s twice been nominated for an Oscar, and may be nominated again when the Academy Awards announce their list of nominees in the next couple of months.

You can see (and appreciate) Chastain in ‘Interstellar,’ which is currently still in theaters, or in ‘A Most Violent Year,’ which hits theaters on December 31.