Jessica Chastain’s had a busy week at the Cannes Film Festival, sitting in as one of the Competition jurors under this year’s El Presidente, filmmaker Pedro Almodovar. She’s been kept plenty occupied, flitting back and forth between screenings and photo ops, taking interviews, and skillfully changing the subject whenever co-juror Will Smith asks her what she thought of Collateral Beauty. (That last one’s in my imagination, but still.) But even as she puts a comfortingly symmetrical face on international cinephilia, the beloved and award-festooned star has found time to ink a deal on a new project. And my fellow Chastainiacs have ample cause to rejoice — it may be her most swoonworthy turn yet.

Deadline’s got the exclusive that Chastain has taken the title role in Seducing Ingrid Bergman, a new romantic biopic tracking the screen idol’s passionate relationship with her one-time lover Robert Capa. Their affair of the heart began in post-war France and eventually brought them back stateside just as ol’ Joe McCarthy had begun rooting through Hollywood for suspected Communists. The impossibly glamorous relationship that sprung up between the Casablanca star and the celebrated photojournalist captured the public imagination, and as all romances too pure for this Earth must, flamed out when Capa took off for another far-flung corner of the world in search of new photos.

A suitably good-looking actor has not yet been wrangled for the gig of a lifetime — courting one of the loveliest actresses ever to have lived by pretending to court one of the other loveliest actresses ever to have lived — and a director hasn’t been attached either. But with the right creative team, we could have our next My Week with Marilyn on our hands. Or perhaps something even better!

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