Jim Carrey has played a variety of roles throughout the years, carefully treading the waters between comedy and drama. He may be doing that yet again if he accepts the role for 'Kick-Ass 2: Balls To The Wall.'

'Kick-Ass,' directed by Matthew Vaughn, was made just a couple of years ago and shortly after its success comic book creator Mark Millar was hard at work with the sequel. The series just came to an end merely a couple of months ago which means it's time to get the movie sequel up and running. But who will be some of the lucky actors to put on some very intriguing outfits alongside Kick-Ass on the big screen? Jim Carrey could be a possibility apparently.

Deadline reports that Jim Carrey is being "courted" to play the fearsome leader of Kick-Ass's deranged Justice League-like group in the sequel. By courted we'd assume that means he's been offered the role, and we're sure that the famed actor is considering it. After all, he's a rather big fan of 'Kick-Ass' to the point of where he dressed up as the misunderstood hero shortly after the movie came out. So if he suddenly bulked up and became The Colonel we wouldn't be the least bit surprised (and would be a pinch happy about it too). He recently wrapped filming his role in 'The Incredible Burt Wonderstone,' a magician-centric comedy due out at some point next year.