We have to wait until after summer until 'Downton Abbey' officially returns for Season 3 but if you can't wait that long, Jimmy Fallon brought back his 'Downton Abbey' parody "Downton Sixbey" (named after their 30 Rock studio, 6B). Brooke Shields and Fred Armisen return and bring with them a special guest: Questlove.

Not just funny, it's impressive that Fallon and his team are committing to long-form humor instead of just quick bits and skits. The 'Downtown Sixbey' sketch is just short of 10 minutes and more of a short than anything else. And yet, it still works.

Fallon has been doing an impressive job with 'Late Night' and it's because he's taking risks like these and having a little fun with the format (and I've noticed more than one talk show host stealing some of his bits).

This new installment of "Downton Sixbey" sees the introduction of Questlove into their world. As the description goes, "With the new heir established, the Downton Sixbey clan figures out the future."  There are some great impressions, some hilarious lines and some cameos that I won't spoil here.

Watch Part 2 of "Downton Sixbey" from 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon' below.