After yesterday's report that Jimmy Fallon would take over 'The Tonight Show' from Jay Leno early next year, both hosts took the stage on their respective shows last night and delivered their opening monologues. One joked about the news; the other did not. It's probably not that hard to figure out who's who.

Jimmy Fallon didn't waste much time getting into the late night rumors on 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon' last night, opening his monologue with a "before we get started..." and in his own cheeky way, addressing the elephant in the room. Joked Fallon:

Before we get started, I have to talk about the rumors that came out today that I'll be moving up to 11:30 -- or as my parents call it, eh, too late. Actually the rumors are true; NBC is turning the Tonight Show into a diving competition.

Over on 'The Tonight Show,' Leno made no such cracks as he faces the second NBC coup d'état in the past four years. Earlier this week, Leno alluded to NBC executives as "snakes" in a joke and was later asked by the network to ease off. Fallon, reportedly embarrassed all this went public, called Leno to apologize yesterday afternoon to help smooth things over. And while the two may not have any personal beef, it's not difficult to see both are uncomfortable with their futures being decided in public.

So what do you think? Should NBC move Jimmy Fallon to the 11:35 'Tonight Show' slot and, essentially, force Jay Leno out? Who should replace Fallon at the 'Late Night' slot?

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