'Late Night' host Jimmy Fallon's late '90s 'SNL' audition has surfaced, featuring eight-plus minutes of the comedian's best celebrity impersonations, including Jerry Seinfeld, Tommy Lee Jones and former 'SNLers' Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, Colin Quinn and Gilbert Gottfried. And of course, a few guitar numbers.

The musically-inclined Fallon's audition is indicative of the times, with the future seven-season vet strumming out parodies of '90s chart-toppers Counting Crows, The Wallflowers and Alanis Morissette. Fallon also incorporated a few obscure original characters into the audition, including "Double-Take Guy," America-bashing British talk show host, David Nickels and Arthur Lesky, "a classic sissy" who still lives with his mother.

Though many of Fallon's impersonations and original characters got laughs, his nervous energy seemed to charm 'SNL' producers just as much as his comedic chops.

Check out the full audition below and let us know which of Fallon's original character you wish had made it into an 'SNL' sketch.