If you thought John C. McGinley was scary as a doctor, just wait until you see him join the C.I.A.

TV Guide reports that the forthcoming sixth season of USA's powerhouse hit 'Burn Notice' will be paging former 'Scrubs' doctor John C. McGinley for an extended arc as Michael Westen (Jeffrey Donovan)'s former C.I.A. training officer Tom Card.  The character will appear in the second episode of 'Burn Notice's sixth season, set to premiere on USA this summer.

According to the report, McGinley's Tom Card "crosses paths with Michael, [and] is extremely excited to work together again. Although the two lost touch after Michael was burned, Tom always supported Michael's mission to vindicate himself. If they join forces again, Tom' influence at the CIA may help Michael win back the respect he lost when he was burned."

After the climactic events of 'Burn Notice's fifth season finale "Fail Safe," which saw Michael's partner and lover Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar) arrested and taken into custody, it its assumed that the series' sixth season will focus on Michael Westen's attempts to free her while still adjusting to life back at the C.I.A. still aided by longtime friend Sam Axe (Bruce Campbell)

McGinley's role likely recurring throughout the season, the actor best known as Dr. Perry Cox of 'Scrubs' fame also holds a storied career with parts in films like 'Platoon', 'Wall Street' and 'Office Space'.  Other news of 'Burn Notice's sixth season includes actress Taryn Manning guesting as a fellow inmate of Fiona's.

What say you, 'Burn Notice' fans?  Does John C. McGinley have the necessary gravitas to kick off the sixth season of 'Burn Notice' right, or will things end up dead on the table?  Give us your reaction, or at the very least a Dr. Cox-style rant in the comments below!